I hate feeling like I’m bothering people.. That’s why I rarely text people first. (via ispeakquotes)

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It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart. Suzanne Collins (via observando)

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This was the kind of hurt that could only be inflicted by someone you loved, who you thought loved you. It was sort of like being stabbed from the inside out. Kami Garcia, Beautiful Darkness (via stevenbong)

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”She’s cute, but got no boobs/ass”.

Hey, it’s not her fault she doesn’t have big boobs or a big ass like other girls. You think she doesn’t know that? What does the size of her boobs/ass have to do with her personality? That’s like a girl saying ”Oh, that guy is cute but his dick is small”. Guys, would you enjoy hearing that? I know I wouldn’t. It’s rude & disrespectful. Learn how to respect a girl with her clothes on.

In yo face!

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Imagine your girlfriend taking photographs of you, not selfies, not “outfit of the day”, no Instagram bullshit. Actual photos. When you wake up, when you look at her, when you’re making love, when you’re cooking, when you’re taking a shower. Imagine if your girlfriend did that. This is a person who loves creating a visual documentation of the person she loves. You would cry at every picture she took because you know it’ll be purer than any other visual representation of yourself.

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i want this. people so instinctively stop and smile when they see a camera. i’m just like “no! you ruined my shot!” 

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I think cheek kisses are really cute. I don’t know why. There’s something really sweet and innocent about a kiss on the cheek. Sometimes they’re nicer than lip kisses. I like cheek kisses. Cheek kisses are cute.

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I’m so detached and distant and cold at times, but I swear if you spark my interest, I can become so clingy and you’ll become so important to me and I will put so much of my time and effort towards you.

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